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Enhancing Life


King Salman Park will be the biggest city parks in the world



To provide a rich variety of options in Sports, Culture, Art, Entertainment for Riyadh citizens and visitors. The park will contribute to improving the quality of life in city in alignment with the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and we will raise Riyadh’s ranking significantly in the top 100 cities of the world.

Main Elements

King Salman Park will be the biggest city parks in the world


Environmental Elements

  • Green areas and open spaces of more than 9.3 million square meters
  • Various gardens of more than 400,000 square meters
  • A Circular pathway for pedestrians of 7.2 km
  • A valley area of over 800,000 square meters
  • Various water features which total over 300,000 square meters

Royal Art Complex

Placed on land of more than 400,000 square meters including the following:

  • A National Theatre (2500 seat capacity)
  • 5 Museums of different sizes
  • An Outdoor Theatre (capacity of 8000 viewers)
  • 3 Movie Theaters
  • 4 Art Academies
  • 1 Educational Cultural Center for Children

Cultural Facilities

  • 7 different museums including the following: Aviation Museum, Astronomy and Space Museums, Science Museum, Forest Museum, Virtual Reality Museum, Architectural Museum
  • Events Squares of 40,000 square meters
  • Artworks and Landmarks

Sports Facilities

  • > 850,000 square meter Royal Golf Course
  • 50,000 square meters of sports courts
  • Virtual Reality Courts
  • A Sky Diving center
  • An Equestrian center
  • Running and Biking routes

Visitor Center

  • Considered as environmental and cultural center covering 80,000 square meters
  • It will have Interactive shows about the park, multi-function halls, meeting rooms, a seedlings nurseries, coffee shops and restaurants

Housing, Hospitality and Business

  • Residential compounds of 1.6 million square meters that will enable the construction of 12,000 different residential units
  • 16 Hotels covering 194,000 square meters that will allow 2300 hotel rooms
  • >500,000 square meters of retail space
  • >600.000 square meters of office compounds

Public Facilities

  • Mosques, security, health care, educational and social centers, Public libraries. Car parking buildings of 280,000 square meters Main roads,service roads and pedestrians pathways.


King Salman Park will be the biggest city parks in the world

King Salman Park

Riyadh’s new green heart. An oasis at the heart of the Garden. The future is coming to Riyadh.


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King Salman Park will be the biggest city parks in the world